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Paris Orly International Airport (ORY)

The international airport Orly in Paris is the second largest airport in France and it is situated 16 km southeast from the center of Paris. The international airport Orly in Paris is used mainly for flights to European destinations, but also for domestic flights in France.
The international airport Orly in Paris has 2 Terminals. Terminal West serves mainly short flights. The second one is called Terminal South and this is the oldest and the most developed one. The transportation between the two Terminals is for free by Orlyval.
From the center of Paris you can go to the Orly airport by taking the Orlybus. The starting point is at the exit of the metro station «Denfert Rochereau» in Paris. You need 30 minutes to get at the airport. The bus itineraries are daily (06.00-23.00), depart every 20 minutes and the ticket costs 6 euros. The route is covered in 45 minutes, due to the great number of the stations. The international airport Orly is connected with the city of Paris by car as well via the highway Α6. The cost of taxi transportation from and to Orly (from the center of Paris) doesn' t exceed the amount of 35-40 euros.

Book your flight tickets to Airport Paris Orly ORY

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Paris Orly Airport Terminals

  • The international airport of Orly is used by approximately 30 air companies (including charters) and 5 million passengers annually. Airline companies such as Air France, Iberia, Qatar, Tap Portugal Air, Rayanair, Virgin Atlantic cooperate with the Airport of Orly in Paris.
  • At Orly Airport you will find information desks "information desks" at the gates Η and Κ of South Terminal. You can also find useful maps of Paris.
  • From the international airport Charles de Gaulle you can easily reach Orly Airport, due to the fact that there is connection between the two airports of Paris: you can use the suburban RER B with direction to Massy Palauseau or Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse. You get change train at Antony station and from there there is a connection with Orlyval. The charge is almost 17 euros and the distance is 41 km.

Paris Orly Services

  • Orly airport offers wireless internet for free, restaurants, cafe, kiosks with newspapers and books, post and financial (banking, foreign exchange, ATM), shops, duty free, lost and found service, medical center and facilities for business travelers (meeting room, photocopy, fax, etc).
  • Orly Airport provides facilities for the passengers with moving disabilities: there are special parking spaces at both Terminals, the bus that connects the two Terminals has space for wheelchairs and the ΑΤΜ machines are lower sin order be easily accessible. For further information regarding Disabled, there is a help desk at Exit W of West Terminal (on the first floor) and Exit E of South Exit (ground floor).
  • If you have time available you can visit the Art Exposition with paintings, sculptures and photographs in the airport of Orly in Paris.
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